Personal software developers get you easy communication and full control over your project.

SASA can give you one dedicated developer, two, three, a whole team – what’s your need?

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Every team member is rigorously screened, and project managers are available. We’ll work on your time zone and schedule. Mobile Application developer, Opensource developer, ROR developer, Python developer, designer – we have them all.

“We’re not selling outsourcing; we’re not even selling software development. We are selling the time, money, and headache you’ll save by letting the proven experts at SASA take care of your business need.”

Below are just a couple of our clients’ success stories. They trust us to understand their business need and provide them with a timely and effective solution.

A U.S.-based therapy services provider wanted to make their existing system more dynamic and correct chronic data errors.

We designed and developed web and mobile versions for their website, a therapist login, a HHA login, and an Admin system to manage large and complex forms for patients.

Our version of their software sped up their operations and made the experience easier (and more pleasant) for all involved.

We reduced the overall human effort required to run the website. We alsosignificantly reduced errors and clogs in their system.

Another U.S.-based company wanted to develop a SaaS App for their credit repair business.

Our company designed and developed a dynamic SaaS app using the latest software technologies and the best methodology.

We integrated their app with a number of third-party tools, creating a fully dynamic web app.

The app has soon become a top seller. Being cutting edge both functionally and aesthetically, the app boasts a beautiful business dashboard, an intuitive recurring payment system, roles and permissions, and affiliate modules.